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Pediatrician Nelspruit

Children with Learning Disabilities

Dr Taljaard has a special interest in children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).  

Untreated it has the potential to cause poor school performance, behavioural problems and result in a poor self-image. Treatment must be carefully monitored for the child to benefit optimally. It is also important to exclude other possible causes for the child’s symptoms and any other conditions that may co-exist with the ADHD.

If you or the school suspect that your child suffers from ADHD or any other learning/ scholastic or behavioural problems, it may be advisable to have a thorough evaluation done ASAP.  Please advise the receptionist that you are bringing your child for an ADHD evaluation when you make the appointment, as a double time slot needs to be set aside.

pediatrician nelspruit

Dr Taljaard would prefer if both parents and of course the child could be present during the consultation.  The following documents need to be delivered/ e-mailed to the rooms at least 48 hours before the consultation to allow Dr Taljaard time to prepare for your consultation:

  • School report

  • Report from the teacher

  • Reports from a phycologist, occupational therapist and/or a speech therapist

If an ADHD diagnosis is confirmed and treatment started it is of utmost importance that parents adhere to the treatment plan and keep Dr Taljaard updated about the child’s progress.  Follow up visits every six months is also required to update the medication according to your child’s needs.  Dr Taljaard considers this a long term partnership between himself, the parent and the child.

More information about ADHD in children
is available here.

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