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Newborn Screening

New-born screening is a blood test done in the first few days of life and screens for selected genetic and metabolic diseases that are often not apparent at birth. Babies with metabolic disorders may look healthy at birth but symptoms develop over time. 

pediatrician nelspruit

Pediatrician Nelspruit

New-born screening is an incredible step forward in medicine. Early diagnosis can prevent debilitating complications.  Severe complications such as brain damage and possibly even death, can be prevented by this test. The test requires only a few drops of blood taken by means of a simple heel prick.   Early treatment can be initiated before devastating effects take hold.

There is no way of knowing which babies are at risk of a metabolic disorder and most tests results return absolutely normal.  The advantages of having the test done however is great. Twenty-four conditions, including Cystic Fibrosis and Galactosemia, can be identified using the metabolic screening test. Many metabolic conditions only need dietary changes or supplementation, to enhance the baby’s wellbeing from the start. These changes can prevent serious medical problems from developing in your baby. 

The new-born screening test is offered to all babies following birth.  Please consult with Dr Taljaard if you want the test done on your baby.

Further information is available at  The cost for having the test done is also available on the website.

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