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Pediatrician Nelspruit

Pediatrician Nelspruit

Immunisation is one of the most important tools to prevent serious illness.  When a child is vaccinated it not only protects the child, but also siblings and other family members, playmates and teachers.

Dr Taljaard follows the expanded programme of immunisation (EPI).  This includes all the basic vaccines as prescribed by the Department of Health, but also the additional vaccines as suggested by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Dr Taljaard does not keep vaccinations in stock but he will administer the vaccines at parents’ request.  Parents can arrange a script (if required by your medical aid) to collect the correct vaccinations from their pharmacies.  These can either be brought to the consultation or be delivered by the pharmacy to Dr Taljaard’s rooms the day before the consultation. Remember to bring your child’s vaccination chart to the consultation and store it in a safe place.

Parents may find the booklet from the National Institute for Communicable Diseases helpful. The Paediatrician Management Group 2023 EPI vaccination chart is available here

Dr Taljaard is also a registered  provider for the Vaccine app. You can download The “VaccineApp”
from the AppStore or GooglePlay

This is an additional optional service
and a back up for your “Road to health” booklet.

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