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Pediatrician Nelspruit

Well-Child Exam

During the Well-Child visit Dr. Taljaard will examine your baby/ child for any potential medical conditions to identify any issues before they become serious problems.

Pediatrician Nelspruit

It is recommended that these visits take place at 6 weeks, 6 months and one year of age.  Thereafter yearly well-child examinations until the age of 5 is advised.

The complete history of your child’s eating/ drinking and bowel habits, recent illnesses or hospitalisations and any possible injuries will be taken.  Dr Taljaard will also evaluate whether your child reached the appropriate milestones for each developmental stage. Social and emotional development is also considered.

Dr Taljaard pays special attention to new mothers who often feel insecure about the feeding and sleeping patterns of their babies.   These visits are very helpful to answer all the questions of young parents.  Dr Taljaard will prepare you for each new developmental phase.

Known and suspected allergies and treatment options will be discussed.

This visit also provides a good opportunity to catch up on immunisation, one of the most important tools to prevent serious illness in the future. 

The examination itself includes a full physical examination by Dr Taljaard.  Special attention is paid to the condition of the vital organs such as the heart and lungs. The vital signs (body temperature, pulse and blood pressure) as well as height and weight are recorded.  These become a helpful baseline for comparison during future visits.  This also helps Dr. Taljaard to track your child’s progress in weight gain and growth.

A well child exam is a great way to ensure good health for your child as well as providing yourself with peace of mind.  Read the pamphlet by the American Academy of Paediatrics to help you prepare for your visit. 

More information about your baby’s developmental milestones from birth to 4 years is available

Pediatrician Nelspruit
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